SMS Feature Between iOS and OS X Not Available Until October


SMS Feature Between iOS and OS X Not Available Until October

Apple has been touting the benefits of continuity between their newest mobile operating system, iOS 8 and their latest Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite. Obviously a thoroughly connected experience between Apple devices makes the user’s life that much easier. But now comes news one of their flagship features won’t be available until next month.

The ability to send and receive text messages via OS X Yosemite as well as iOS 8 means you’ll never again have to abandon keyboard and mouse in favour of your iPhone. In fact you’ll be able to read and respond using your Mac. It’s an obvious one, but wildly convenient. Understandably, technophiles the world over are anxious to give it a whirl, but they’ll have to wait until October 2014.

From Apple’s ‘Continuity’ Hub,

“Having a conversation with friends and family who don’t use an iPhone just got much easier. That’s because you can now send and receive SMS and MMS text messages right from your iPad or Mac. So when a friend texts you from any kind of phone, you can respond using whichever device is most convenient. You can also start a conversation from your iPad or Mac by clicking a phone number in Safari, Contacts, or Calendar. (Coming in October)”

The feature has previously been available via iOS8 and OS X Yosemite betas, but it will not be available when the new iOS launches on September 17th. Indeed, we’ll need to wait for a patch for that one.

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