Sony Announces 2013 Xperia Performance


Sony Announces 2013 Xperia Performance
39.1 million units sold - but Sony wants more...

The past few years has seen a marked improvement in the quality of Sony's Xperia smartphone range, catapulting it to the very top of the handset hierarchy alongside luminaries like Apple and Samsung, and that increased quality has paid dividends for the company, with global sales of 39.1 million announced for the last fiscal year across the entire Xperia smartphone range.

As you probably know at this stage, Sony's overall financial performance for the last year hasn't exactly been stellar, but one of the few shining lights has been the fact that it has managed to really establish Xperia as a high end brand that's desirable to consumers, but it's not about to rest on its laurels, setting even higher goals for the coming fiscal year.

Sony is hoping for a 25% increase in sales this time around, with targets set at around 50 million handset sales between April 2014 and the end of March 2015. That'll be helped by the fact that Sony has some fantastic devices on the market right now, particularly the Xperia Z2, so it'll be interesting to see if it can achieve its targets.

There has been no word on how well the company's tablets have performed, however, and we suspect those figures make for less rosy reading in a market that's outright dominated by Apple's iPad range.

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