Sony Creates Tape That Holds 185TB of Data


Sony Creates Tape That Holds 185TB of Data
Well THAT'S a lot of storage space...

Sony has today announced that it has managed to create a brand new variant on old school tape backup media that is capable of holding an astronomical 185GB of data on a single cassette. It might surprise some to learn that tape is still very much an active backupformat for many companies, but as data sizes have increased it was beginning to look like there might not be a future for the archaic format - at least until today.

The technology was created alongside IBM, and to give you an idea of how much data it's capable of holding, it would take around 3,700 Blu-ray discs to hold the same amount of data as a single one of these tapes.The new format makes a mockery of the previous record holder, offering storage of around five times more, smashing the record set back in 2010.

If some of you are sitting there thinking that this means huge storage options may now become available for desktop computers, the bad news is that the way tape works will restrict this to backup and data retrieval uses only. Because tapes are linear they need to first move to the point where the data is held before reading it, whereas traditional computer storage can access data much faster.

Nevertheless, this is an awesome breakthrough and it should mean good news for businesses that have seen their backup costs spiral as more and more tapes are needed to complete single backup jobs.

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