Sony Drops Music Unlimited And Welcomes Spotify to Its Devices


Sony Drops Music Unlimited And Welcomes Spotify to Its Devices

Goodbye Music Unlimited, Hello Spotify.

That's the refrain from Sony today as the Japanese technology giant has announced it is ending its Music Unlimited service which currently brings tunes to users in 19 countries. Instead, it will partner with music streaming masters Spotify to make sure your Sony handset and PlayStation consoles are filled with all the latest sounds.

It's a major change for Sony, which tried for years to make their Music Unlimited service truly take off. But it never really grabbed hold with users, partly because of the popularity of services like Spotify. It makes a lot of sense for people to be able to bring their data and subscription to a new device - it's good business for both Sony and Spotify.

The new service will be called PlayStation Music (catchy) and will launch in 41 markets in Spring. Initially, it will launch on Xperia phones and the PS3 and PS4 and all your playlists and favourite tracks will be synced from Spotify easily. In addition, PS4 users will be able to listen to Spotify tracks while playing games, which is a very cool addition.

Music Unlimited will close off in 19 countries on March 29th and 'almost all' of these countries will be part of the 41 markets where PlayStation music launches, presumably by the same date.

More as we get it.

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