Sony Focusing on 4K Production


Sony Focusing on 4K Production
Company set to end OLED TV production...

According to several reports yesterday evening, Sony looks to be halting its production of OLED-based television sets in order to focus its attention on the 4K market instead.

4K TVs traditionally (if that's a word we can use for such new technology) use LED and LCD panels, which means that OLED has taken a back seat for the company despite its promise to push the technology several years ago. The move is a curious one, given that Sony themselves were showcasing 4K OLED technology only last year at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas, but it seems now as if the company has identified it as a solution that's perhaps too expensive.

Then the first Sony OLED TVs began to roll out, they carried a hefty price tag, starting at around $2,500, when compared to LED or LCD driven sets, and consumer uptake was not as strong as predicted.

As TV manufacturers start pushing their 4K sets more and more, though, it's possible we might see OLED based sets appear down the line, but until then it seems consumers will have to make do with the LCD and LED variety which, let's be honest, isn't reallya great hardship!

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