Sony Has a New Smart Headset Which Gives You Terminator Vision


Sony Has a New Smart Headset Which Gives You Terminator Vision

Wearables are all the rage but to date they've really been more focussed on replacing your wristwear. Now, companies are set on targeting your face.

Of course we've been here before with the Google Glass experiment, which never released a full retail version and has since been recalled by the tech giants for further testing and development. But Sony thinks that market is still worth pursuing, and they've unveiled the all new SmartEyeGlass.

Clunky name aside, the SmartEyeglass is what it sounds like - a pair of net-enabled eyeglasses. They'll be able to project text and information onto the lens in front of the eyes of users, giving them something of an augmented reality view of the world. Rather than the space age design of Google Glass, Sony has gone for something far more traditional - and hopefully more comfortable. They look kind of like a pair of chunky 3D glasses and also features a wired connection to a control unit which is the piece which connects to your phone and presumable where the innards live.

Taking the processors and tech out of the headpiece is a good first move away from the bulk of the Google Glass, plus it solves the problem of how hot Google's unit got against your head. Otherwise, its still a long way from being a fashion statement, I'd go so far as to say its the SmartEyeGlassis actually ugly. There are some sensors in the headset plus a 3 megapixel camera, which is actually lower than the one used in Glass. And that control unit just dangles off your face and also contains a mic if you want to look like you're talking to a hockey puck...

The best part though is that the display is just a single colour, and that colour is green. That's right, you'll totally be The Terminator!

The SmartEyeGlass will have to be connected to an Android phone via Wi-fi or Bluetooth to work and has a battery life of around 150 minutes. It's not sounding particularly fancy at this point but if its comfortable and it works we might have a glimpse of the future of wearables. Developer versions are available for pre-order now on the official site.

The Sony SmartEyeGlass comes to the US and Europe in March 2015, priced around €900.

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