Sony Issues Laptop Recall


Sony Issues Laptop Recall
Sony Vaio Fit 11A recalled due to battery concerns...

Although product recalls aren't exactly rare these days, major companies like Sony tend to see them as a last resort, and only issue them when there's very real potential for problems, so the news that they've come out and issued a full recall notice for the Vaio Fit 11A laptop is something that should be taken very seriously by owners of the device.

According to Sony, the battery used in this specific model poses a potential fire threat, and users should stop using the devices immediately. There have been no specifics disclosed as to what is causing the issue within the battery, but given the fact that the Fit 11A's batteries are non-removable, users will need to return the entire device to Sony for a replacement or repair.

A total of 25,905 laptops are covered by the recall, with 7,158 of them sold in Europe, 3,619 sold in Japan, 2,088 sold in China and just 497 sold in North America. Users who suspect their device may be affected are urged to check the product name sticker behind the screen to see of the product name is SVF11N1xxxx. If this proves to be the case, you should get in touch with Sony immediately to arrange collection.

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