Sony Working on New Innovations Like an All E-Ink Smartwatch


Sony Working on New Innovations Like an All E-Ink Smartwatch

Sony Electronics is at an interestingstage in its development. A giant in its field, the company has seen financial set backs in recent years and just yesterday revealed that it was planning to lessen its production of mobile and TV products in favour of the lucrative PlayStation and gaming market.

At the same time the company is wary of stagnation, and recently set up an internal team - led by CEO KazuoHirai - which is focused on delivering innovative new products to market. The first item out of this team is likely to be a new kind of smartwatch which uses electronic paper not just for its face but also the entire body of the device.

This means it will be able to carry messages and info on all of its surfaces, in addition to be able to feature changing designs and lots more. The use of electronic paper may not be as visually striking as the LCD's and OLED's on other smartwatches but has the distinct advantage of massively improving battery life - something which has been a sticking point for wearables up to now.

The report from Bloomberg cites an anonymous source close to the project and confirms that the device will be more about style than the latest tech, so we shouldn't expect too much in the way of smartwatch or maybe even fitness tracking functionality.

The plan is to have the device out within the next year so keep an eye out for more information.

[The image above is of Sony's SmartBand Talk- which features an e-paper display and is available right now]

Sony Working on New Innovations Like an All E-Ink Smartwatch on
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