Sony Xperia X - camera review


Sony Xperia X - camera review

The Xperia X is out now in Ireland, and we’re taking a look at one of its standout features - camera performance.

Let’s check out those camera specs. On the back you’ll find a 23 megapixel shooter with an Exmor sensor and a 24mm lens at f2.0. It features SteadyShot tech and a huge potential iso of 12800 for low light photography.

On the front is a massive 13 megapixel camera which has an even wider 22mm lens (that’s good for groupies) also at f2.0. And Steadyshot is built in, while iso goes up to 6400 for low light.

Camera quality has been high on the agenda for Sony in recent years and that trend continues with the Xperia X. The specs are hugely impressive on paper, bringing one of the best hardware sets around to Android.

In practise, the first thing you notice is the speed. Sony claims that the camera app can open and snap a pick in just 0.6 seconds - which sounds pretty amazing. And it works - just press and hold the shutter button and time and you’ll have an image in a split second.

That’s pretty important when you’re looking to capture a fleeting moment but every aspect of camera performance feels speedy. This includes finding a point of focus, something which mobile cameras often have trouble with.

The Xperia X also has a new feature called Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. This lets you tap on an object on the screen to track it no matter how much you or the subject move. It’s a way to keep something that’s moving in focus for when the perfect shot arrives.

Everyone knows that low light photography is difficult, even expensive DSLR cameras struggle to focus and often produce noisy results. Given the tiny sensors and hardware in a smartphone, it’s an even bigger challenge.

Sony tackles this in a number of ways, firstly by having a huge ISO limit that can kick in using Auto mode. That might up the grain but more importantly produces a less blurry picture.

The X also features SteadyShot which uses software to remove shake from your stills and images. There’s also a full manual mode where you can tinker to produce some strong results.

The front facing camera manages to retain many of the class leading features of the main cam. At 13 megapixels it captures plenty of data and high iso settings are great in low light, as is the SteadyShot element.

It’s also a wide lens with a pretty wide 2.0 aperture so you can get more people in (or more of the background) without having to worry too much about blur.

The Xperia X camera goes beyond the impressive spec list to deliver real world results, which is much more important for your day to day use. If you need to snap a photo, it starts quickly, locks on, grabs a strong image and lets you get back to your life. You couldn’t ask for more from a mobile camera.

The Sony Xperia X is available in Ireland now.

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