Sony Xperia XA launches in Ireland July 1st


Sony Xperia XA launches in Ireland July 1st

Sony Mobile announced their new range at Mobile World Congress earlier in 2016 and their latest is ready to make its bow in Ireland.

The Xperia XA is a 5 inch smartphone with an almost invisible bezel that lets the screen fill up all the available space. It's rounded edges are pleasing to touch and the screen size is perfect for one handed use.

Camera performance is always high on the list of priorities for Sony and the 13 megapixel snapper here provides hybrid autofocus for tracking of fast moving objects. It also launches in a split second and features a highly capable front facing camera that's great for selfies.

Sony is making sure that they have the best battery life in their class, with a full two days of actual use on a single charge. That's surfing the web, listening to music and even playing the odd game, all without having to put your life on pause. When you do have to charge, Sony’s smart battery management system and Qnovo adaptive charging systems come together to help give you 5.5 hours of battery life on 10 minutes of juice, with the Quick Charger cable.

This superslick smartphone is set to launch in Ireland on the 1st of July from free on contract and from €279 on pre-pay.

Sony Xperia XA launches in Ireland July 1st on
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