Sony Xperia Z3 coming soon - preorder it now


Sony Xperia Z3 coming soon - preorder it now

The Sony Xperia Z3 is getting an update this year with the Z3+ and it's almost ready to launch.

We've just got word that the new phone will be available on the 15th of June 2015 and that you can currently pre-order the handset at Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone stores in Ireland.

The Xperia Z3+ builds on the sterling reputation of the Z3 with enhanced processing power inside and design innovations like removing the waterproofing caps on the USB charging port. But that doesn't mean its not safe from water anymore, once you make sure the port is dry afterwards the phone will be safe from harm.

The camera has also been upgraded to automatically detect even more shooting modes and somehow the phone is thinner and lighter than before at 6.9mm and 144g. And it retains the same gorgeous 5.2 inch HD display and top specs like a 20.7 MP camera (the highest rated Android camera around) with high sensitivity settings and a wide angle selfie camera on the front. And it promises a full two days of battery life.

The Sony Xperia Z3+ is coming in June 2015, and you can pre-order at Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone stores now.

Sony Xperia Z3 coming soon - preorder it now on
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