Sony's e-paper watch is really cool


Sony's e-paper watch is really cool

Sony has had an interesting couple of years but they're turning the corner in 2016 thanks to a new approach to mobile and expanding their horizons with new avenues in technology.

One area they're moving into more heavily is sourcing ideas from the community at large and that project led to the creation of a new e-paper watch through crowdfunding.

The FES Watch U features not only an e-paper display but also one that runs along its entire body. That means when you change the clock face you can also change how the entire watch looks with a button press.

It's all made possible with flexible electronic paper and that low wnergy material means it should last for up to three weeks on a single charge. A range of styles will be available at launch, and the device is still up for crowdfunding over on the official site.

We're not sure if this is going to be made available to the public around the world but it's certainly a good showcase for the innovative work which Sony is doing.

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