Sony's Smart products at IFA 2016


Sony's Smart products at IFA 2016

IFA 2016 is just about to really kick into high gear, and many of the majors have already been shouting about their latest technological treats.

Sony got in on the action early with their showcase yesterday, which included showing off the brand new Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact smartphones.

On top of that, the company teased a range of smart products on the way throughout 2016 and beyond.

The first was the Xperia Ear, which was previously touted at CES at the start of the year. This is basically a digital personal assistant which you wear in your lug hole that does way more than just a regular bluetooth headset.

It’s all about relaying information in an efficient way, including giving you a rundown of things like the weather and your appointments for the day when you first pick it up. The Ear will be able to read out your text messages and you’ll even be able to create responses and manage other parts of your smartphone life. If even responds to gestures like nodding your head.

Of course it also lets you take calls, with clear audio and a microphone for picking up your side of the conversation. We’ve been hearing about the Ear for awhile and the release date has shifted a few times- we’re now hearing it should arrive by the end of the year, in time for those much coveted Christmas presents.

Sony also talked about their Xperia Projector which is a new concept in entertainment. Of course it will beam an image onto any surface but the difference is that you can fully interact with what it is showing.

In this way, a wall or your tabletop can become a large touchscreen and the system is setup to run Android so you can just browse away on the internet or play mobile games. There’s even a build in camera for video conferencing. This is kind of futuristic.

And then there’s the Xperia Agent, which is essentially a cute little robotic helper. It will integrate with systems around the house, like being able to make you a coffee if you ask for one- provided you have a smart coffee machine which isn’t out of capsules!

The Agent will learn the things you like and can be talked to like Siri or Google Now, and the little guy will watch what you’re up to and suggest actions. For example if it knows your friends are currently having coffee it might suggest you have one too and initiate a video call between both parties.

These new technologies are concepts that are coming to fruition or, in the case of the Ear, a real product that will be available soon.

More as we get it.

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