Split Screen Multitasking to Arrive with iOS 8?


Split Screen Multitasking to Arrive with iOS 8?
Long-overdue feature finally set to arrive to Apple tablets?

We reported yesterday that a very clever hack available on jailbroken iPads enabled split screen multitasking functionality, something that Apple has so far failed to deliver to the tablet devices since they launched - but now reports have emerged that it's a feature that could be set for inclusion in the next iteration of the company's iOS operating system.

Today's rumours claim that the feature has been in development for a while now, and will launch as part of iOS later this year, giving users the ability to split their on-sceen real estate between two apps, and allowing the apps to interact and communicate with each other, which will mean dragging text or image elements across should be a piece of cake.

While it's highly likely that the reports are coming off the back of yesterday's jailbreak hack, it's not something we'd rule out, especially given how positive the reponse has been to that split-screen functionality. It's possible that Apple had been working on something similar, but chose not to implement it in a major release until customer interest could be gauged.

Apple's larger iPads should be able to make solid use of the functionality, should it prove to be true, but questions have to be asked about how useful it'll be on the iPad mini, which has now become the tablet of choice for millions thanks to its reduced footprint.

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