Spontaneous iPhone Combustion - it's real!


Spontaneous iPhone Combustion - it's real!
We've all heard the tales of spontaneous human combustion, but it would appear that the phenomenon has turned its attention to smartphones now, with one poor individual in Australia having their iPhone 4 become so hot internally that it started to glow red before shattering the glass panel at the rear of the handset.

Apple's mobile products have always suffered from a small number of reports about overheating batteries, but we've never come across anything quite so unbelievable before. The incident, which occured on a plane of all places, was reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), who have yet to commend.

Does this mean that we're heading for a ban on smartphones in airplanes? It wouldn't surprise us these days, but let's hope some common sense is shown here.

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