Start your car with this app!


Start your car with this app!

Just when you think every possible way of using a smartphone has been though of, another application appears.

Lo and behold, Ford has come up with a way for people to start their car from their phone! They're working on an app called Sync Connect which will be able to do all manner of impressive things which it has been linked to your car.

That includes checking up on the important information which we all need to check - like how much fuel is remaining or whether the oil needs to be topped up. There will be other diagnostic tools as well, alongside the ability to use a part of the app to find your car when you just can't remember where you've left it.

The more exciting part is that you'll be able to start your car using just the phone, and also unlock the car doors. It's not unreasonable to expect that this functionality could also be tied to the phones location - meaning the car could open and turn on when you approach the drivers door, adding an extra layer of security. Provided you haven't forgotten your keys. Ford's Sync Connect app will also work from anywhere in the world so you could also turn on your car from another country. Though we're not sure why you'd want to.

Sync Connect will work with the Sync 3 smart stuff inside upcoming Ford cars, with the new 2017 model of the Escape SUV set to be the first of their cars to include this functionality. Expect it to be a part of your daily drive in the next few years.

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