Step into Star Wars with Google Cardboard


Step into Star Wars with Google Cardboard

Star Wars the Force Awakens must have the biggest marketing budget of all time, with its integration inside Google products particularly impressive.

The latest move on the front is bringing the franchise into the virtual reality sphere with a Google Cardboard experience. The Android or iOS app will let users step into an adventure called Jakku Spy - where you'll embody a Resistance agent working on Jakku, that's the sandy place which definitely isn't Tatooine from all the trailers.

You can start the experience over here and it has been set up to work best with Google Cardboard - that's the company's incredibly affordable entry point into virtual reality which is literally made of cardboard. Jakku Spy will be a series of story driven episodes, and it's going to connect with the wider The Force Awakens narrative in interesting ways. And naturally there's a limited edition Star Wars headset available.

Unfortunately, they're only in the States. The Cardboard experience uses actual assets from the movie which you'll see on the big screen vey soon, and Lucasfilm will certainly be using virtual reality more and more in the years to come.

The Force Awakens is out on the 17th of December 2015, but then you already knew that...

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