Stolen people trading app discontinued


Stolen people trading app discontinued

An app called Stolen was released recently, which let you steal and trade on other users Twitter profiles was recently released. Every profile has a value and you can buy it if you have enough in game currency. You might even be able to snap up Justin Beiber's Twitter if you're flush enough. Or you could use real world money to get more in game cash.

When you bought a Twitter profile the other user received a tweet saying that they were now 'owned' by you. And it's that language which has been causing some issues for the developers.

Over the last few days, numerous complaints have been levied against Stolen for the notion of buying and selling people, of owning even something like their profile. There's also a significant security issue over the idea that you can do this to anyone - they don't need to be connected to you or even your friend on Twitter.

Stolen developers Hey Inc have taken the big decision to remove the take down the software, and all in game purchases will be refunded by iTunes.

The idea was put together as a fun social game, a way of assigning virtual value to profiles and trading them between the up to 40,000 players who had registered. Of course Hey also had a business model in place and one which could have been majorly profitable once user numbers increased. Now the app is gone for good, with the company confirming they have no plans to relaunch with a similar concept.

Stolen people trading app discontinued on
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