Style Comes to the Smartwatch with the MB Chronowing from HP


Style Comes to the Smartwatch with the MB Chronowing from HP

Smartwatches are everywhere these days but you can't deny that most of them are dull and blocky and not very attractive looking. So what if you want some wristwear that is smart but also styling?

HP thinks its has the answer. They've teamed up with designer Michael Bastian to create an all new kind of smartwatch which combines a certain kind of integrated functionality with a real sense of style - the MB Chronowing.

And it looks great, crafted in stainless steel and with a deliciously deep bezel and a choice of attractive straps. On the face itself you'll find a monochrome LCD with an always-on analogue style clock read-out, with the rest of the screen showing off a series of notifications directly from your connected smartphone.

Here's a video hosted by Bastian which takes you on a tour of the new smartwatch.

There are a couple of great things about the Chronowing - including a full 7 day battery life and the fact that it integrates with both Android and iOS. It also very clearly places itself as a smartphone companion, as a way of keeping you up to date with what is going on with your texts, calls and social media, but not acting as a replacement for your handset.

So while you won't be answering calls on your wrist or replying to texts (its not a touchscreen and features no mic) you do get useful features on an attractive timepiece. Which actually tells the time!

The MB Chronowing goes on sale on the 7th of November - pricing is $349 for the standard edition and $649 for the version featuring a sapphire crystal face and an alligator hide strap.

More info here.

Style Comes to the Smartwatch with the MB Chronowing from HP on
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