Super slow motion drop test for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Super slow motion drop test for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Getting a new phone is a great feeling but it's also accompanied by an odd touch of dread - you just know that you're going to drop it one day, and that nick or scratch will haunt you forever.

But some people, well they actually intentionally harm their phones. For the internet, you see.

The FullMag YouTube channel is usually into ridicuously over the top destruction involving 50 calibre rounds, sniper rifles and the kind of slow motion technolgy which lets you see in detail what those kinds of ballistics can do to things like a bottle of Cristal. It's not a subtle channel, just wait til you hear the music. Their latest victim is a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which they subject to a water and pavement drop test. You might wince.

This is actually pretty light by their standards, and the phone holds up well. Considering the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge isn't a water resistant phone (something which the company dropped after trying it out in their Galaxy S5) the water test goes pretty well, and its good to know that your very expensive new phone will survive the odd dunk. And the pavement drop test doesn't go badly either, even though it falls on the very edge of the phone. The new metal construction no doubt helped here, though we still wouldn't like to drop such a nice looking phone.

The future of this particular Galaxy S6 Edge is less certain though, here's what happened to an LG G Flex 2 just last week...


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 are available from the 10th of Apil 2015.

Super slow motion drop test for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on
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