Swift-Tab II 7 inch tablet review


Swift-Tab II 7 inch tablet review

Apple may have invented the tablet as we know it today but the market has been rounded out in the years since primarily by Android-powered units.

So while the iPad may reign supreme at the premium end of the market, when it comes to looking for a more affordable slate you’ll definitely be looking for something powered by the little green droid.

Affordability is a major factor for many people who are looking to invest in their first tablet. And there are a lot of options on the market, especially if you don’t need the device as a powerful laptop replacement. If your requirements are a bit more modest, the Swift-Tab II is certainly a contender.

This 7 inch tablet is an all plastic build which doesn’t have the flash of its more expensive rivals but the rounded edges are smooth and the dimensions and weight make it easy to use with just one hand.

The capacitive touch screen is responsive and fairly bright and looks great for video playback an picture viewing.

Inside you’ll find a Dual-Core processor with 1 gigs of RAM – that is more than enough to keep internet browsing and games going, with plenty of grunt left over for watching movies or listening to music.

There’s 8 gigs of storage space on board as standard, with about 6 free when you boot up. You can use increase it with a microSD slot, up to an extra 32 gigs. Which should be plenty.

The tablet also comes with dual cameras front and back. The front-facing camera should be sufficient for video calling with Skype, etc.

Codec support is generally impressive, with the Swift-Tab II playing any kind of video or music track we threw at it. The built-in speaker isn’t especially loud but you can always use headphones or attach a portable speaker for greater volume.

There’s a 3,000mAh battery which should keep you going for at least a day, and it’s powered by Android Jelly Bean.

The Swift-Tab II 7 inch tablet isn’t the most powerful but it looks fine, packaged nicely and has decent specs. It’s more likely to appeal to those who are looking for a cheaper first tablet or replacement tablet but with a price point we are told under 100 euro that seems like a great value device.

7 Stars
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