Swype Keyboard Hits App Store In Time For iOS8


Swype Keyboard Hits App Store In Time For iOS8

iOS 8 is available for download to mobile apple devices later on today. This is news enough in itself for the legions of Apple fans hungry for their new OS. However, popular third party keyboard ‘Swype’ is also available for download today, it’s compatible with iOS 8 and will cost 99c.

This is worth mentioning for a number of reasons. Primarily, Swype is already a very popular third party keyboard among Android users, letting us input text by dragging our fingertips from point to point rather that slapping the capacitive touchscreen hundreds of times. It takes a little getting used to, but its smooth, intuitive and crucially, a very reliable input method. But with the release of Swype, a clash is coming! It will be going head to head with Apple’s own QuickType feature, a first party swipe keyboard.

Obviously, when iPhone 6 users get their hands on QuickType in the coming weeks, there will be little inclination to shell out for a feature they already use. That said, if Swype can do a better job than Apple at swipe input, Swype could do very well for itself indeed on the App Store in the coming weeks.

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