Tamagotchi arrives on Apple Watch


Tamagotchi arrives on Apple Watch

Remember those chirping keychains that needed constant attention and care? Well, now you can wear your Tamagotchi on your wrist and keep it with you at all times.

Japanese video game company Bandai Namco has ported Tamagotchi’s digital pets to the Apple Watch. You’ll be able to tend to your pet’s every beck and call with it strapped to your wrist.

The app’s description says that the app lets you “take care of your Tamagotchi's needs directly from your Apple Watch” and “check your Tamagotchi's status at a glance.” If you’re not getting enough notifications on your Watch, you may be pleased to hear that if your Tamagotchi calls for you, it will show up on your wearable.

At the moment, the app could be a little on the limited side. The Verge says that there’s no animation, so you don’t get any feedback when you feed or discipline your pet. This also means that you can’t play with your pet, making it more difficult to fill the Happy meter.

If you really want to keep your Tamagotchi happy, you can take care of some tasks from your phone or tablet. Your Apple Watch can then be used to tend to your pet on the fly. The Tamagotchi app is available from the App Store.

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