Tearing an Apple Watch apart for your enjoyment


Tearing an Apple Watch apart for your enjoyment

With the Apple Watch now out in the wild, it was only a matter of time before people started doing unspeakable things to them. And that includes the iFixit crew.

But at least they've got a purpose, or at least one beyond getting a lot of site traffic. That company is all about discovering ways to fix your own devices and even expand their functionality or lifecycle by adding new tech. So they've actually taken great care with their teardown of the Apple Watch Sports and produced some stunning images of what it looks like inside.

Here's the full video.

It's good to know there are some things you'll be able to fix - notable the screen and battery - but the rest is pretty much locked. And you're not going to be upgrading your own Watch anytime soon, which isn't at all surprising for an Apple product. Click here to see the rest of the Apple Watch teardown, it's pretty impressive stuff.

The Apple Watch is available in select countries now.

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