Teen breaks Rubik's Cube world record - solved in 5.25 seconds!


Teen breaks Rubik's Cube world record - solved in 5.25 seconds!

The Rubik's Cube - a head-wrecking pain for some, the source of world internet fame for others.

American teen Collin Burn definitely fits into the latter category, with his seemingly casual run at a Cube resulting in a solve time of 5.25 seconds. Considering the current world record was 5.55 seconds and this event was properly observed and recorded, this makes him the world record holder.

Hopefully that will help you forgive the screaming...

It's an official competition and Collin was operating with a witness and against a clock on an official pad, so while the World Cube Association (which is a real thing) hasn't updated their records just yet the organisation has confirmed that the record appears to be legitimate. And now young Collin Burns, a high school pupil, has earned a special kind of fame.

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