The 5 Stages of Windows XP Grief


The 5 Stages of Windows XP Grief
Windows XP has been in clean, efficient, no frills operation for 12 years now. And today, April 8th 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting this operating system, effectively killing Windows XP. Here’s a step by step guide on how to react to this historic event.

Stage 1 – Panic!

Nothing is ever going to be okay again!

All yo sh*t is on an XP PC. Of course it is! Windows XP is the second most popular operating system in the world, with a share of 18.6 percent. And now, with an abrupt end to their support, more and more software will stop being compatible with your PC as XP becomes increasingly obsolete. Additionally, with no more automatic updates, you’ll be more susceptible to viral infection.

That’s the digital equivalent to…. Viral infection.

It’s rough stuff. It’s a big deal. Time to react.

Stage 2 – Cover Yo Ass!

As soon as Microsoft cut support to Windows XP, Microsoft Security Essentials will be about as useful as those awkward waterproof plasters that instantly lose their stickiness and slip off your fingers.

That is, unless you’ve already downloaded it…

Yes indeed, if you get in now, head over hereand set it up pronto, you’ll be covered. It won’t offer the same level of protection it does now, especially with Microsoft putting their resources into newer, less popular operating systems. Like Windows 8 - only the 4th most popular with a share of 9.2% less than half of what XP enjoys right now.

But if you can get security essentials onto your machine now, you’ll have some breathing room at least.

Stage 3 – Maybe you should start to think about the possibility that potentially you may need to upgrade your operating system at some hypothetical point in the future perhaps…

Though XP won’t exactly die at close of business today, it’s a terminal case. It’s a sinking ship. Sooner or later you’ll need to jump ship. But which vessel is the best for you? Obviously Microsoft insist there’s ample room on their new flagship, Windows 8.1. Especially with this auspicious Windows 8.1 Update due later this afternoon, fixing mouse and keyboard issues to its Metro feature. But with a share of 51.4%, Windows 7 is always a viable option.

Stage 4 – Take your new OS for a spin

Ok. You’ve decided on which operating system you’ll be cosying up to. But how to acquire it? Microsoft’s suggestion – Buy a new PC.
Thanks dudes. Real helpful. I’ll just dip into my own 70billion fortune and pick one out. Easy peasy.
If however you’re not one of the most influential conglomerates on the face of the earth, you could always have a look at the Windows Upgrade Assistant FAQand figure out your best option.

Perhaps purchasing a new PC is a viable option for you.
But for others it’s about as helpful a suggestion as “Become Rich. Just Become Rich Already.”

Stage 5 – Get your coat!

Your coat being your personal files in this particularly strained metaphor.
You’ll have files on your XP computer that you’ll need on your brand spanking new operating system.
You’ll need a method of transferring said files.
That Bad aint gonna Break itself!

Microsoft suggest Laplink, self-touted as the ONLY software programme which automatically shifts your files, personal settings and programs to your new PC. Co-incidentally, Laplink is recently available for Windows 8.

So while the motivation behind Microsoft’s recommendation of this particular file transfer system will forever be shrouded in mystery, you can access Laplink here.

Now, while you and I busy ourselves with the healing process, Microsoft will be busy bringing their most loyal and trusted companion behind the back of the shed and putting a slug between its eyes.

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