The Apple iPod is 15 years old- see first reveal video


The Apple iPod is 15 years old- see first reveal video

It's hard to overestimate the effect the iPod had on technology and the world in general.

Apple device was revealed on the 23rd of October 2001, now more than 15 years ago. And while it took a while for the iPod to really grab hold of the world, it set events in motion for the brand to seep into almost every home.

From that base came the iPhone and the iPad and the technological domination which we see everywhere today in the familar form of Apple products. And it all grew out of the companys attempt to make a better music player - one which had good storage, a simple control scheme and looks fantastic.

As some fun nostalgia, here's Steve Jobs introducing the original iPod 15 years ago. Those Apple events used to be a lot smaller, with less clapping...

Gosh look at that awful font! It's really interesting to see Jobs talking all about the product in the same way he always did with the pregnant pauses but little interaction from the crowd. And of course had had one in his pocket the whole time!

Right now Apple is no longer refreshing the iPod range but the Touch is still on sale and continues to be a great product for music fans who are tied into the iTunes ecosystem.

The Apple iPod is 15 years old- see first reveal video on
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