The Apple Watch is out but you won't find it in many shops


The Apple Watch is out but you won't find it in many shops

The Apple Watch is out!

For many Apple fans around the world, there's a massive sense of excitement and anticipation when a new product arrives and the Watch is the most significant release from the company in years - it's their first wearable and first new device venture since the launch of the iPad in 2010. Anticipation is high, but you won't be able to tell in stores.

That's because, in addition to only launching in a handful of countries (includingAustralia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US), the device won't be stocked in regular Apple stores. Instead, the company has positioned the Watch as more of an exclusive item, a fashion accessory with the price to match. So if you want to see and buy one in the wild, you'll have to head to places like The Dover Street Market in London or fancy boutique The Corner in Berlin.

For the most part, Apple wants people to order the Watch online - so it's hard to accurately guess the level of buzz about the wearable. And even if you did order any of the range of sizes and models available, right now the shipping is delayed until at least June 2015.

It's a surprisingly private launch then, and one which feels engineered to mask how few Apple Watches there are available right now, with many rumours of shortages over the last few months. And it's also frustrating for those who live outside of these 9 initial countries - for Irish Apple fans there's still no word on a local release date and when one happens the same delivery delays are certain to apply.

Will you be getting one?

The Apple Watch is currently available in select countries worldwide - priced from $349 to $17,000.

The Apple Watch is out but you won`t find it in many shops on
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