The Apple Watch Was Inspired by the iPod Nano


The Apple Watch Was Inspired by the iPod Nano

The world was all astir last week when Apple finally confirmed their two new handsets - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But it was another annoucement that the world was waiting for, and it was all about the Apple Watch.

The company's long-rumoured entry in the wearable market came pretty much as planned, with a fitness tracker and life companion you can strap to your wrist and sync to your phone. And the Apple Watch certainly looks great, especially the sharp screen and the inclusion of a digital crown physical input on the side.

But while its a departure for Apple, it's hardly a totally new design on their part. Fundamentally, the screen portion has a lot in common with the iPod Nano, particularly the 6th generationwhich featured touch controls and a tiny square form factor. In fact, after the release of the Nano, third party companies produced straps which would allow for the device to be worn around he wrist.

Even the dimensions are similar, especially the 42mm version of the Apple Watch, given that the Nano measured 37 x 41 x 9 mm. And this connection has been confirmed by a former Apple designer speaking anonymously to The New York Times.

Of course the Apple Watch is a very different product in many other ways, certainly in terms of the breadth and depth of apps which will be available and the sophisticated sensors which will help to track your fitness. And its also differs in battery life - the Nano had a full 24 hours of music playback and the Apple Watch promises a day of usage befoe you have to charge it.

Apple will be going big with their Watch, and taking the competition in the wearable market up a notch at the same time, but it remains to be seen whether the device itself is as groundbreaking as we all hope it can be.

The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015, more information as we get it.

The Apple Watch Was Inspired by the iPod Nano on
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