The Apple Watch Will Tap At You If You've Been Sitting Too Long Plus Release Details


The Apple Watch Will Tap At You If You've Been Sitting Too Long Plus Release Details

The Apple Watch is going to be the product which makes or breaks the smartwatch market, and given the companys track record its likely to head for the stratosphere.

That said, we still don't have a full idea of exactly how the Apple Watch will work in our day to day lives. It's got the looks of a real watch, the brain of a smartphone and the sensors of a fitness tracker. One thing is certain, Apple wants to make it indispensible to your lives. And it also might make your life a bit longer.

Apple's Tim Cook was at the Goldman Sachs tech conference during the week and said that one of the features of the new smartwatch is that it will sense when you haven't been moving and give you a nudge. After 50 minutes or so of sitting still, you'll get a tap on the wrist which not-so-subtly suggests its time to get moving.

It's not the first smartwatch to have this kind of feature but what the Apple Watch does have is a huge range of abilities, all tied to a single platform which also includes an Apple smartphone. It's an eco-system which the company is building on with each new device, and it's set to explode one more when the Apple Watch launches.

Speaking of which, Cook also confirmed the release window for the Apple Watch - the device will start shipping in April but there's no specific release date just yet. More as we get it.

The Apple Watch Will Tap At You If You`ve Been Sitting Too Long Plus Release Details on
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