The expectation versus reality of the iPhone 5


The expectation versus reality of the iPhone 5
After the initial wave of excitement, where does the phone stand?
Apple finally made the announcement that millions around the world had been looking forward to; the iPhone 5 is on the way. However, is it everything that we were hoping for and more? Well, not quite. It is expected that sales records will be broken, but the announcement seemed like more of the same rather than anything particularly groundbreaking. Perhaps expectations are Apple’s worst enemy at this stage, which is a sign of the times.

The iPhone 5 is certainly an improvement in many ways over the iPhone 4S. The phone is thinner than others on the market, yet packs a slightly larger screen than previous offerings. The screen is not as large as some were hoping, but it offers a natural 16:9 aspect ratio. Good news for those who enjoy watching movies or videos on their handheld device. In addition, the iPhone 5 features a redesigned camera. It is supposed to deliver better low-light performance and noise reduction and offers the Panorama mode.

However, it’s what is inside that counts. The new A6 chip is quicker than that contained in the iPhone 4S, but its impact is unlikely to be immediately noticeable. Transitions will be smoother and quicker, but it’s one of those things that we are going to take for granted after using the iPhone 5 for any prolonged period of time. It’s not like we were tapping our feet impatiently before.

The biggest changes are simply cosmetic. It’s slightly bigger, it’s lighter and it has a new connector, which despite the ‘Lightning’ nickname doesn’t make it any more appealing. Thankfully there will be adaptors on the market, so all our accessories will not have been purchased in vain. When you consider the various elements that Apple has talked about, they could be summed up by saying, "It's like the iPhone 4S except slightly..." The device is an evolution, but there is nothing that stands out as truly revolutionary.

The various announcements were somewhat underwhelming, but many cannot resist the allure of a new Apple product. Twitter and Facebook timelines everywhere were full of people saying that they were hunting behind and under furniture for spare change. The iPhone 5 is not a revolutionary device, but it will still be enough to cause chaos around city blocks as people cue to get their hands on it.

The expectation versus reality of the iPhone 5 on
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