The Galaxy Note 7 is dead- production halted permanently


The Galaxy Note 7 is dead- production halted permanently

As we predicted, the Galaxy Note 7 is dead and gone. It is an ex-phone.

Samsung has suffered through months of torment with the high end smartphone, with a major recall and now a second version which also has issues with heat and sometimes bursting into flames.

Rather than attempting to continue with the line, the company has now confirmed that this particular model is no more in a statement to Engadget:

We can confirm the report that Samsung has permanently discontinued the production of Galaxy Note7.

It's pretty bleak news, and will have a knock on effect on share prices and confidence in the company in the future. Samsung has even had to think about just how its customers are going to return their handsets, providing fireproof packaging for shipping because there's still a huge potential issue.

Here's a look at the process.

This is a nightmare for everyone involved, and you have to wonder how far the ripples will go. Is there a chance that we'll never see another phone with the 'Note' branding, with Samsung opting to reinvent their phablet line for fear of bringing back bad memories for users?

That's a matter for the future, for now the Korean tech giant is facing a $17 billion loss overnight and more to come.

The Galaxy Note 7 is dead- production halted permanently on
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