The iPhone 6s Rumours Are Already Here


The iPhone 6s Rumours Are Already Here

Apple is set to have a record quarter thanks to the success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus if early earnings figures are to be believed. But that doesn't mean they can rest on their laurels.

It's only 10 months or so until users will be expecting another premium handset to be ready and that means development is on-going with production close to getting underway. The first news of a possible successor to the iPhone 6 has emerged, talking about who will be handling the manufacturing of this new handset.

Apparently Taiwanese company Pegatron is being eyed to take over the majority of iPhone 6s production. They've been one of the major manufacturers of several of Apple's handsets over the last couple of years, and they're currently helping to clear the backlog of 4.7 inch iPhone 6 models.

So it makes a lot of sense that they would continue to supply what the report suggests would be another 4.7 inch handset. Going by the history of Apple's devices, its likely to be a very similar looking phone with some faster internals and maybe a new fancy gadget to hook people who are obsessed with having the latest tech.

In 2015, Pegatron could become the main manufacturer involved with the iPhone 6, responsible for up to 50% of the total amount of handset shipped. Which will likely number in the millions.

There's no more news just now but rest assured - a new iPhone will emerge within the next 10 months!

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