The Light turns on your TV - for some reason


The Light turns on your TV - for some reason

CES 2016 may be over, but that doesn't mean we aren't still seeing innovative and interesting new tech.

The Sony Multifunctional Light is a fixture which sits on the ceiling of your home and provides illumination. So far, so standard but this device also syncs with your wireless networks to become a smart hub with extra special powers.

For example it has a motion sensor which can trigger when you come into the room to turn on your TV and can also talk to other pieces of tech like your air conditioner. You can even dial into it and use the built in speaker to make kids do things. There's more info on that in this explanatory video.

That house looks like a very uncomfortable place to live.

It's another smart device from your home, and one you can fiddle around with while you're not even there - if you like the idea of driving pets, children and loved ones demented by flicking a light on and off remotely. It's not clear yet why you would really want one in your home, but they'll be available in 2016.

The Light turns on your TV - for some reason on
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