The new Google Pixel phone looks like this


The new Google Pixel phone looks like this

Google has a major event planned for the 4th of October (which is somehow next week already) and they're going to be showing off a suite of smart products.

Rumours suggest a new VR headset and upgraded 4K Chromecast are in the offing as well as a device for your smart home which will be something like the Amazon Echo. Frankly it's kind of nuts they don't have one of those out already.

But the one they're teasing most is definitely their latest smartphone upgrade. We're hearing that the 'Nexus' name is being dropped in favour of calling it the Google Pixel, which brings it into line with their premium laptop range.

Now, the Venture Beat folks have a very high quality look at a render of the new phone.

It looks like a smartphone, and a fairly basic design at that. The word is there'll be a headphone jack (!) at the top and a USB-C port on the bottom, while Google and manufacturers HTC have opted to place their fingerprint scanner on the rear. We're not mad about that positioning as it's impossible to unlock with a single touch while lying on a flat surface.

Leaked specs suggest a 5 inch screen, 4 gigs of RAM and a 12 MP rear camera. So far it doesn't sound like there's anything here to set it apart from the crowd, which makes it all the more alarming when we hear that this will be Google's most expensive phone when it launches. And that the larger Pixel XL will be even pricier still.

Hopefully Google has some surprises in store at their October 4th event.

The new Google Pixel phone looks like this on
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