The Pebble Time Team Did a Reddit AMA - Many Questions Have Been Answered!


The Pebble Time Team Did a Reddit AMA - Many Questions Have Been Answered!

We were very excited to see a new Pebble smartwatch campaign pop up on Kickstarter yesterdayand it seems everyone else was as well - the project has already earned over $10 million from 47,000 backers. And there are 29 days to go! That puts it as the third most funded Kickstarter of all time, right behind the original 2012 Pebble campaign. This mothers going to blow big.

To celebrate getting back on the crowdfunding site, the Pebble team took to Reddit yesterday for a wide-ranging AMA. People asked about the tech inside the device, about porting the new user interface to older Pebbles, just how waterproof the thing is, whether colour blind people would be able to see the new display and just who that cute dog in the video was. His name is Humphrey.

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The AMA is over now but there's plenty of great material in there but we're actually most excited about what wasn't covered. The Pebble time still has 29 days of funding left and its clear the team has plenty of surprises waiting in the wings, from a 'creative' take on stretch goals (whatever does that mean?!) to detailing the charging cable and revealing new features and partnerships.

Here's a quick summary of some major points from the AMA.

Q: Will there be a flip screen option for left-handeds who wear it on the right wrist?

A: It's a great idea. We will consider it.

Q: Will the screen resolution be higher or the same as the older pebbles?

A: In order to maintain compatibility with existing apps, we've kept the screen resolution the same at 144x168 pixels, or 180ppi. Images and text look much sharper on the 64-color display.

Q: How does it charge? A: The charging cable that magnetically snaps to the back of Pebble Time.

Q: Is timeline something that could potentially be turned off? A: No.

Q: If we backed the original pebble, and we want 2 color combos this time around, and we back the 2-pack, do they both get the 'special engraving'? A: Yes you will get the engraving on both.

Q:Will there be anytime soon a support for Siri on the Pebble Time? As Siri can be used by regular earpiece, there should be no software limitation to support it. A: There's no speaker on Pebble Time, so it wouldn't work that well. We're exploring how we can work with services like these. Agreed it would be pretty awesome on PT!

Q: Is this Qualcomm's Mirasol technology? A: No.

Q: Is the Pebble Time screen glass curved? A: Yes.

Q: Can you guys reveal the technical specs for the Pebble Time? A: The CPU is a ARM Cortex M4 running at 100Mhz and apps will have access to 64kB of RAM. We will be releasing much more technical details as developer tools become available during the campaign.

The Pebble Time Team Did a Reddit AMA - Many Questions Have Been Answered! on
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