The Rock is launching a YouTube channel


The Rock is launching a YouTube channel

The Rock seemingly just doesn't sleep, not only appearing in massive franchises like Fast and Furious and headlining a revamp of Baywatch on the big screen but also featuring in his own HBO show Ballers.

And that's when he isn't working out or eating all of the protein in the world, on top of upcoming films like Central Intelligence and Moana and being an all round gentleman on every social media platform around.

Well it seems the man also known as Dwayne Johnson doesn't think he's busy enough, so he's also launching his own YouTube channel Seven Bucks.

If anyone else was writing that post we would think it was over the top but genuinely Johnson is the kind of person who we believe can deliver the 'best, biggest, bad ass, baldest YouTube channel ever'.

It's thought that Senor Rock will be involved in a lot of the content which is produced and he'll also use the space to promote upcoming filmmakers and just bring cool stuff to the internet.

Given his massive profile you can be sure that the channel will pick up millions of followers instantly, and we might even get a glimpse behind the scenes at some of the movies he has cooking.

Up next, you can see Johnson opposite Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence, which is in cinemas in July 2016.

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