The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will be Selfie Obsessed


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will be Selfie Obsessed

As with most major smartphone releases over the last couple of years, we already know practically everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, before its even been officially announced.It must be pretty frustrating for the companies involved to have their every secret spilled to the world but that's the nature of the information age!

The latest news on the Galaxy Note 4 is all about the camera. We're already pretty sure the rear shooter will be a 16MP sensor, but now it seems the phone will also be a serious selfie machine. The front facing camera will have a 3.7MP sensor and be capable of recording video at a resolution higher than 1080p.

Other rumours include a dedicated sensor on the side of the handset which you can just tap to take a picture (for anyone who finds hardware buttons difficult to press at certain angles) and gestures which can open the camera without the screen even being on.

There will likely be at least three dedicated selfie modes in the camera app - Wide Selfie gets more people into your shot; Selfie snaps a shot when it sees you smile or wink and Selife Alarm helps the rear camera find your face. You'll also be able to output GIFs from a series of photos instantly.

We're still not massively sold on the need for selfies but Samsung is making sure their latest phablet caters for that audience, which just makes good business sense.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will likely be confirmed at IFA in Berlin on the 3rd of September 2014 for a release later this year.

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