The Sony Xperia XZ is the new flagship smartphone


The Sony Xperia XZ is the new flagship smartphone

The Sony Xperia XZ all starts with the name. On the one hand, it's a phone that represents the full gamut, the highest possible scale from the brand, following on from the XA released earlier in the year - A to Z you see.

But there's a deeper connection to the history of Sony's most high end handsets, reaching back to the highly acclaimed Z brand. That set of phones, which was first introduced in 2013 and brought in the sense of style which has become synonymous with Sony, along with a focus on bleeding edge specs and class leading camera quality.

The XZ continues that legacy into a whole new era, and it does it in singular style.

Sony's latest flagship features a full HD 1080p screen and a new loop surface design that links the glass and metal body into one seamless whole with rounded edges that feel great in the hand. The handset is available a gorgeous new colour Forest Blue, which brings the monolithic design to life. It's also strong enough to withstand the little knocks of life, and water resistant to boot.

Sony continues to push the envelope when it comes to smartphone cameras and this time the 23 megapixel shooter is backed up by image sensing tech. It's complex and cutting edge stuff, combining object tracking with a laser auto focus system and a new sensor. The camera launches and shoots in a fraction of a second and banishes blur no matter the conditions.

Photo fans will also be pleased to hear there are a bunch of manual settings which can be tweaked to your hearts content. That includes little seen extras like manual focus and the ability to change the shutter speed, which is very rare on a smartphone camera.

The upside for you is a camera that just performs effortlessly in every situation you can think of, even those challenging low light moments. And the images will look not only better than ever but also more natural, without the odd oversaturation that you sometimes get from smartphone shots, requiring extra editing before posting.

There's more on the front of the phone with a 13 megapixel shooter that's designed to do its best work in low light. It's also extra wide to make it easier to fit more people into your selfie, and still snap a shot off in record time.

The Xperia XZ brings 4K video, which is always welcome, and also a host of other video related extras. This includes advanced 5 axis image stabilisation and intelligent systems that can remove the shake from your video while you're shooting. If even works in unusual situations like when you're going super close for a macro shot.

Away from the camera you'll find class leading specs that will ensure you'll never miss a moment- whether sending emails, chatting on social media or loading up the latest games and you can add up to an extra 256 gigs of storage via microSD.

The XZ also comes with Sony's latest adaptive charging technology which is all about ensuring your battery remains healthier for longer. This doesn't just mean getting more hours out of it each day, but also ensuring that you'll have a battery which retains its charge for months and years in the future. It does this in a number of clever ways so that your battery does get overloaded.

You also get up to two day battery life on a single charge and power saving features which can extend that for hours or even days. And there's Hi-Res audio on board and a bunch of settings you can access with any wired earphones that bring deeper and richer sound to all of your tunes.

The Sony Xperia XZ is an impressively feature packed flagship from the company, and it's available in Ireland from the 1st of October, 2016.

The Sony Xperia XZ is the new flagship smartphone on
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