The Steamboy gets an exciting Reveal Trailer


The Steamboy gets an exciting Reveal Trailer
Vent some steam on the go

Behold the Steamboy, in all its handheld glory!

While its being developed by an independent team, it's certainly got Valve's blessing, evidenced by the fact it's nicked those twin thumbpads initially debuted on the original Steam controller. In all honesty, details are light on the ground re. this Steamboy. We know it has two bumpers, two triggers, four facebuttons, a D-pad andtwin thumb-pads. We also know it'll boast a five inch 16:9 widescreen presentation, an impressive 4GB of RAM, 32 GB or card storage and a swish quad core CPU. We also know, at present it's only offering 3G Wifi. So while you could access your Steam libarary anywhere, you cant do it as fast or effectively as you could with the more modern, nay standard, 4G connectivity.

Provided it wont suffer a redesign to become more in keeping with whatever Valve cooks up for their own Steam Controller, the Steamboy is due a 2015 release. So stay here, we'll keep you posted!

The Steamboy gets an exciting Reveal Trailer on
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