The Wolf Among Us Dance Glitch Gets Grindy!


The Wolf Among Us Dance Glitch Gets Grindy!
There's an innuendo about huffing and puffing in here somewhere....

Talented Irish Videographer Laura Briggs rightly decided Bigby’s wildly inappropriate dancing glitch could do with just a little* more griiiind. And that’s to say nothing of the bump.

Though this glitch from Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile was later revealed to be a fan-mod, setting it to the Ginuwine’s Pony was a work of sexy genius by Briggs (Source Link).

Honestly, given the context, I can’t fathom how Snow White keeps her composure throughout. Fairest of them all she may well be, the gal’s only human, aint she? Christ on a Bike! If MY heart skipped a beat at 0:07, I’ve no idea how the ‘will they/won’t they’ managed to keep it together.
She frosty.

*by which I mean A LOT

The Wolf Among Us Episodes 1-3 are out now for Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and PC

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