The world's smallest snowman is seriously tiny


The world's smallest snowman is seriously tiny

The folks at Western University in London are getting into the Christmas spirit by creating their own little tiny snowman - and this one is seriously small!

In this image he's small and far away:

You'll notice the size reference at the bottom right as 2 um, that translates to 0.0002 centimetres. And you can barely see the snowman! This image comes from the official Tumblr for the university where they've also posted a follow up.

That fella stands just 3 microns tall - that's 0.0003 centimeters. It's made from stacking three 0.9 micron silica spheres on top of each other, a process completed with electrono beam lithography. Because fingers would be too gargantuan for the task. Then a focused ion beam was used to give him a smile, and the nose and arms are made from platinum.

So it's not really a snowman, but it sure is cute!

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