There are more than 100 million iPhones in the US


There are more than 100 million iPhones in the US

A new report has some startling figures about smartphone usage - there are over 100 million iPhones currently in use in the United States.

New research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has delved into the use of the Apple products in the US and found that they're more ubiquitous than ever before. And almost two thirds of users are currently running the iPhone 6 or an even newer handset, suggesting people are still massively interested in having the latest model.

The data says that while the figures are huge, iPhone adoption rates have actually slowed:

"In previous quarters, we saw the installed base grow by as much as 17 percent in the December 2013 quarter after the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c. As the US market matures, Apple has fewer first time smartphone buyers to add to their base, and faces the challenge of attracting loyalAndroid users."

The install base grew by just 4 percent in September 2015, but there are many factors at play. For one, the sheer volume of people who already have a smartphone is much higher now than it was in 2013, when many might just be considering picking up their first advanced handset.

That said, there's a lot of competition from other manufacturers, as the Android operating system becomes more widespread and the feature sets of competing brands - like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Huawei - starts to come close to, or even surpass, that of Apple. Still, the market share speaks for itself, and Apple has this industry sewn up for the next few years at least.

There are more than 100 million iPhones in the US on
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