There's a dual screen smartwatch on the way with a built-in projector!


There's a dual screen smartwatch on the way with a built-in projector!

Smartwatches are nice and all but sometimes you'll find youself wishing for a bigger screen for those all-important notifications. Lenovo might have you covered with the Magic View.

It's a smartwatch with a round face, a bit like the Moto 360, which also features another interesting looking panel below the main screen. That's basically a projector which can beam images directly into your eyeholes, making what's on screen seem much larger.

It can relay the same info as the main screen or do something completely different, making this the first smartwatch which has two displays. Or at least that's the theory - for the moment the Magic View is really just a concept, though Lenovo did show off a supposedly working model at their event in Beijing yesterday.

You have to hold the second display up to your eye to see it, and you'll be able to look around at images (inside) the watch using the fancy hardware inside for a bit of a 3D view. It's also an entirely private viewing experience, which could be good for checking out secure content. You'll even be able to watch videos, should you want to with one eye...

A better smartwatch display is certainly something which some users might be interested in but it kind of takes away from the apparent purpose of a wearable - giving you quick notifications without the need to reach for your phone. If we're being mesmerised by a wrist-worn projector, we're probably going to be a big distracted. And it's something you definitely wouldn't want to do while driving.

There's no word on a release date for the Magic View just yet, more as we get it.

There`s a dual screen smartwatch on the way with a built-in projector! on
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