This button instantly orders Domino's pizza!


This button instantly orders Domino's pizza!

Dominos make really great pizza, and they will bring it to your facehole really, really, fast. In fact there's only one real stumbling block to getting some Dominos, the fact that you have to go through the ordering process, whether with a real person on the phone, on desktop or on your mobile.

Thankfully, that's all going to be a thing of the past with this amazing thing (via Engadget)

Yes that's a button which you can get in your home which lets you press it to instantly order your favourite Dominos meal. It's a magical device, which brings pizza to your face with almost no effort. Is it potentially dangerous? Only if you have no self control, but you have self control, right?

The button comes from a company called Flic and they're actually cool little devices which can be set up to do all manner of things with your smartphone. But in this case, the Flip has already reached its peak, there is no better function. There are other ways to get Dominos really quickly, including setting up the kinds of meals you're likely to order and keeping your payment details on file - then it's just one click in the app to get all the flavours sent your way.

The Easy Order button isn't available to buy yet but Dominos will be giving some away in December on social media.

This button instantly orders Domino`s pizza! on
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