This could be the new Space Black iPhone 7


This could be the new Space Black iPhone 7

The iPhone 7, or whatever it ends up being called, is likely to be announced in just a few short weeks and that means the rumour mill has gone into overdrive.

The latest report suggests that an all new colour could be introduced, and it's called Space Black.

Of course it's really just Black but all things Apple have to be called by some other extra shiny term. It does look like a pleasantly understated addition to the colour lineup, especially seen here next to the Gold and Rose Gold options. It's just pink guys and gals!

The back looks like it's going to be a real fingerprint magnet, but that's par for the course on smartphones these days. All three models appear to feature that smart connector at the bottom, which might suggest this is the larger and more expensive iPhone 7 Pro edition.

We're also hearing of a more advanced version of Force Touch will be included in the home button and respond more accurately to different amounts of pressure.

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