This cute robot will help you keep healthy


This cute robot will help you keep healthy

Crowdfunding is a great way to get a glimpse of products that are set to become a huge deal in the not-so distant future, and we think Pilo has the potential to be one of them.

It essentially a healthcare robot that becomes a part of your household and helps with your needs. It will remind you when pills need to be taken, answer your important questions, remind you of upcoming tasks and even get you connected to a healtcare professional if you need it.

Also, Pilo is really cute!

Sophisticated technology lets Pilo recognise each user with a glance, ensuring they get the right information and medication exactly when its needed, with up to a months work of tablets stored inside its tamper proof body. There's a 7 inch touch screen for interactions, which is also where you'll find the expressive 'face' that gives you friendly feedback.

It's pretty incredible technology, and it's more or less possible right now, with orders set to ship in mid 2017. Pricing is starting at $349 (€313) right now for early birds, which is 40 percent off the eventual retail price.

Get more info here, including an idea of the kinds of features Pilo could have in the future.

This cute robot will help you keep healthy on
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