This is possibly the best drone save we've seen


This is possibly the best drone save we've seen

As drones become more of a common sight in the skies, we expect to see more of this too: people running frantically to save their drone from a watery death after its batteries run out.

That’s exactly the situation that this Australian found himself in. His drone was flying high, capturing footage of the beach on a lovely evening. And then his drone started heading towards the water. Thankfully, the GoPro was charged and kept recording the epic rescue process for our enjoyment.

Some helpful video editing shows how much work he had to do to stop his drone from hitting the water. He sprints down the beach, climbs onto the rocky pier, dances across the rocks, and jumps into the water to save his drone just in the nick of time. But even after catching the dronehe’snot in the clear, as you’ll see in the video.

Once he’s out of the water, he seems pretty happy. We’re sure it would be a completely different reaction had he fallen short. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen videos like this,soif you are planning to send your drone airborne, make sure you have charged it. Or at least upload the video so we can see your success or failure...

This is possibly the best drone save we`ve seen on
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