This Smart Belt will help you slim down


This Smart Belt will help you slim down

Smart products are everywhere these days, with extra features to make your life easier. And the latest smarter product is your belt.

The WELT is a Wellness Belt that designed to keep an eye on your health while it also keeps your trousers from falling down. These are both rather important things in everyday life.

The product was incubated by Samsung and is now going out to the world for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. And it looks a little bit like this overproduced video.

In this case you'll get to see metrics like number of steps and even whether you are overeating, by measuring the change in size of your stomach. It will even let you know when you've been sitting too much, with all the information synced to your mobile.

It's a bit of a strange fitness product considering its the kind of item that fits with more formal wear, when you aren't really exercising. Still it's certainly a new space and the product manages to look well while still being functional. You can get one for around 100 quid, with shipping beginning in January 2017.

More over here on Kickstarter.

This Smart Belt will help you slim down on
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