TomTom Announces New Wearable Tech


TomTom Announces New Wearable Tech
GPS company targets fitness fanatics with new wearable range...

TomTom has announced its brand new line of wearable GPS sport watches, the Runner Cardio GPS range. Targetting fitness fanatics, the range is equipped with the coompany's traditional GPS technology as well as a heart rate monitor to keep track on workouts.

The Runner Cardio Sport watches will allow runners to select one of five predetermined intensity ratings, and from there they'll be able to keep track of their progress to ensure that they're in the optimal heart rate range to achieve their exercise goals.

In the official announcement release, TomTom President Jocelyn Vigreux said:

TheTomTom RunnerCardio GPS sport watchallows runners to improve their performance with accurate, real-time metrics that help them understand how their bodies are responding toexercise. We realize that staying fit is a choice and acommitment, and believe the innovation and sleek designof theTomTomRunnerCardio watch will empower people towant to be more fit and help them reach their full potential.

The smart watches will be available to order this coming Friday from a range of retailers globally.

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